The Everyday Pleasure MANIFESTO

I believe that PLEASURE and GUILT have no business in the same sentence.

And that LIFE is a 100-year long CELEBRATION of everything we can see, hear, taste, smell & feel.

I believe that women don’t need to WORK on themselves, they need to RETURN to themselves.

And that when we make FULL-BODY JOY a priority, we can’t help but make good choices.

I believe that birthday candles belong in your purse at ALL TIMES (you just never know…)

And that the CUPCAKE REVIVAL is the greatest trend of our generation.

I believe that were you born to be happy — and that designing your life, work + relationships to reclaim that rightful happiness is a NON-NEGOTIABLE contract with your soul.

And that this whole trip we call Life DOESN’T HAVE TO BE DIFFICULT. I mean, really — who told you that?

I believe in your feminine divinity. Your charming sensuality. Your innate ability to KNOW WHAT YOU NEED.

And I’m here to revolutionize your world — till you have what you want, and ROCK WHAT YOU’VE GOT!

XO, over the moon.