Luscious PRAISE

“When following your dreams, Kerrie is the angel that helps you soar higher! She saw me so clearly and championed me going for my goal in a BIG way. Kerrie’s ability to pull you outside of your comfort zone, while gently and lovingly sharing her advice, expertise, and experience, helped encourage me to ask for more when going for my DREAM job opportunity. After ONE conversation with Kerrie, I felt emboldened and ready to ask for more. I’m happy to report that I landed the job and am so excited to start! Thanks to Kerrie for uplifting, encouraging, and supporting me in going for the BIG goal. I’m sure after just one conversation she can do the same for you!!!”

–  Erin R., Severna Park, MD


“No matter what you are going through or need help with, Kerrie has an incredible grounding which allows her to remain calm in any situation. She is reliable and stable, so you can be put at ease, knowing you are in great hands. Kerrie’s beautiful, open heart will allow you to relate to her and to open up to her about anything you may be going through in your life.”

– Victoria Furmann, Chicago, IL


“Kerrie has a great balance of pleasure and practicality – it’s not ALL fun and games. She is sensible and pragmatic as well as joyful – and it’s a great combination when being coached on your next steps.”

– Jessica Kupfermann, Wilmington, DE,


“I think if anyone is looking to step outside their box or have more fun in their life, Kerrie is definitely your life coach! You can take a lesson from how she has done it with her own life in a big way!  She’s supportive, encouraging, and brings on the FUN while coaching you towards your own desires.”

– Tracey Allred, New York, NY


“I whole-heartedly recommend Kerrie as a life coach. She is uber fun, wise and insightful. Working with Kerrie was like having a cool, older sister who I could count on for sound, no holds barred advice. As a twenty-something in the midst of a lot of big decisions, it was a HUGE relief having her guidance and encouragement! After every call, I felt uplifted and like I had concrete actions steps that would take me closer to my goals. Also, the woman is an expert at helping others get in touch with their own innate sense of pleasure! Her love of life is contagious, and she will have you feeling sassy, feminine and joyful in no time! “

–  Ashley Gwilliam, San Antonio, TX


“Kerrie helped me to see a bright new perspective when I was in a dark time following a major life change. She has a sincere desire to help other women blaze their path to a joyful and fulfilled life. With her servant’s heart and life experience, she will certainly support you on your journey.”

– Kim Kolb, Nashville, TN,