Work With Me

I believe that coaching should feel like anything but ‘work.’ (I also believe that ‘work’ should feel like anything but ‘work’ — but we’ll get into that later.) By hiring me as your Pleasure Catalyst + Life Strategist, you’re sending a maximum-volume message to the universe…that goes a little something like this:


Hey there Universe, it’s me, [your name here]:

I’ve been slogging away at this whole LIFE thing for a couple decades now — getting the right credentials, ticking the right boxes, wearing the appropriate footwear. I keep waiting for the rush of success — the soul-shaking pleasure, fulfillment + joy — to come crashing in. Annnd still waiting. Any minute now.

I’m done waiting. And I’m ready to make some changes — subtle, significant, or somewhere in between. And in divine reciprocity, Dear Universe, I’m making a request. I’d like the lip-smacking, spirit-lifting, ultra-delicious PLEASURE that is my goddess-given birthright to arrive NOW. Without further delay. Like, today. Please and thank you.



Message sent. Now, let’s ditch the struggle and get to the good stuff.


I’m not the kick-your-butt kinda life coach.

No, ma’am. Instead, I offer pleasure-based action plans for personal development.  With an extra dollop of spiritual cheekiness. And mini-celebrations. Plus top-shelf, liberating insights.

Work with me and expect to:

  • Feel better, happier, and lighter — everyday.
  • Reclaim pleasure as a portal to the divine — not an unhealthy escape.
  • Slow down, relax, and savor life’s joys — from tiny to tremendous.
  • Shake off those sticky cobwebs holding you back.
  • Ditch your “To Do’s” and replace them with celebratory “Ta Da’s.”
  • Find your true home, wherever you are — no ruby slippers required.
  • Integrate the spiritual and the pragmatic — that’s where the juice is!
  • Play harder, laugh deeper, connect wider, and live richer.

My programs are all 40 days. ‘Cause this timeframe rocks.

Let’s face it: that whole “21 days to make a habit” schtick doesn’t work, right?  And one-off sessions rarely translate to lasting change.  On the flipside, months ‘n years of work gets to be a drag, doncha think?

40 days is the sweet-spot for magic-making.  I’ve made monumental changes in my own life in this timeframe — and supported many women in doing the same. It’s time to create your serendipitous life!

Do you enjoy the camaraderie of sisterhood? Then the 40-day Feel Good Challenge is for you! Click the picture for dates and details…

FGC Challenge

Rather go at your own pace? The 40-Day Feel Good DIY ebook is coming, Summer 2013. Sign up for notifications + receive a free copy of Mini-Challenge #1 when you click the picture below.

FGC Ebook


Prefer one-on-one individualized attention? Let’s work together to craft your own 40-day Awakening.


Feelin’ a li’l skeptical?  I hear ya!

First of all, if you’re anything like me, you hate being told what to do. I understand. So look: I’m talking about practical results, not more empty affirmations and endless drills. Empowered joy, not reckless hedonism. Simplifying your life, not overwhelming it with more “shoulds” and “have tos.” Taking it all in, not blissing out when the going gets tough. No woo-woo, no woo-hoo, no Pollyanna-ing, and most decidedly no Kumbaya.  Mkay?

Ready to get the ball rolling?

Book a complimentary Feel Good Freebie! We’ll talk about your frustrations, plan out your goals, and see which program best serve your needs. Best part of all? You’re guaranteed to FEEL GOOD!

“Thanks so much for the Feel Good Freebie coaching session. I do actually feel better. You helped me reconnect to my well-being and the part of me that is able to accomplish much more than I think I’m capable of in the moment. You really helped draw my attention to it by pointing out the change in my voice and my energy when speaking about it.  I was pleasantly surprised by the uplifting in my mood and energy following our call. I really wasn’t sure you could pull that off in 15 minutes — but you did.”   – Donna B., Lawyer, Los Angeles, CA