Sister Goddess Sunday: Simpler Times

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Hi apple-dumplin’,

Remember when we used to play Ring Around the Rosie and
recite nursery rhymes? How ‘bout when we’d stay up late creating goofy skits –
like Jazzy Jozie & Jammin’ Jenny – and record ourselves on cassette tape!

Remember when we laughed so hard we nearly split our sides,
tears rolling down our cheeks, wondering how come there aren’t any fat Barbies?
Then deciding if we made one, she’d be called Vivian!

Remember when we’d talk on the phone the day after
Christmas, still in our jammies, and eagerly ask, “Whadjaget?”

I do!

And guess what? We can go back and do it ALL again. Anytime
we want.

Let’s wash, rinse, and repeat the rewards of simpler times!


Your Sis

Sister Goddess Sunday is an ongoing series of love letters. They are written to express love, gratitude, excitement, and compassion for the women in my life — real, imaginary, living or dead. My desire is for all women to feel uplifted, understood, and appreciated. You can look forward to each letter knowing that the words pouring forth are intended to reach your heart. I hope you will share these juicy gems with the women in your life. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll know which ones I wrote especially for you!

Two Keys to Happiness: Simplify & Be Outrageous!

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Those keys are the only ones I carry anymore. Yes, just two! One, of course, is to the Element. The other goes to the Thule rooftop storage box. I remember before I left Las Vegas, my friend “A” was telling me how good it felt for her to get down to just one key. One? Well I haven’t managed that level of minimalism, however, I’m pretty flippin’ happy with two! 

Traveling with those two keys for the past 37 days I’ve learned some pivotal life lessons. Not only have I visited eight states and covered thousands of miles, I’ve enjoyed the coziness of spending quality time with dear friends and loved ones. I’ve also experienced the beautiful solitude of wide open spaces with the companionship of my four-legged fur buddy, Roubidoux. The thing is, no matter where I’ve been, no matter who I’m with, I’ve realized there really are only two things you need to lead a happy life. Perhaps you’ll never pare down to a car key and the key for a lock box, but I do hope you all experience these two keys to happiness. 


It probably won’t come as any big surprise, but the majority of that stuff you have, you don’t need! Even now, I’m still shedding layers and layers. As it turns out, the majority of things I have packed in my car, I don’t use on a daily basis. And even though I always though the whole less is more philosophy was total bullshit, I could probably be content with about 50% less that what I’ve got. Turns out, they are right. The simplicity of having less brings me more joy than having an entire 2400 square foot house packed to the rafters ever did! The joy I experience comes from spending less time deciding what to wear, what to watch on television, and what widget to dust first. I now have plenty of time to have amazingly rich conversations, indulge in reading my favorite books, and write in the the gorgeous journals I’ve collected. 

Another way to simplify is to turn off your TV. Maybe it’s a huge stretch to clean out your clutter, sell your place, and go on the road, but everyone can benefit from watching less television. As a matter of fact, very little time I’ve spent visiting my friends has taken place in front of the boob-tube. A little radical perhaps, but what are you more likely to remember? That episode of <Insert Your Favorite Show Title> or the hysterical conversation you had reliving that time in college when you and your best friend followed random chalk arrows drawn on the sidewalk?

Be Outrageous!

As Will Rogers said, “Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” 

Yes, getting down to two keys, traveling the USA in a Honda Element, and turning off the TV may seem completely outrageous to several of my dear readers, but by pressing up against our edges, we have an opportunity to feel truly alive! Therefore, every day I make an attempt to go for outrageous. Apple pie with s’mores ice cream? Yes! Panty-free Friday? Sure! Baseball cap with a dress? You betcha! Beer with cheese crackers for dinner? Mmm, mmm, good! Go out to see a live band all by myself? Oh, yeah!

Yesterday my outrageous act was talking to three strangers who were taking pictures at the Milwaukee Art Museum. I invited myself to be part of their picture and asked if they would take a picture of me, too… 

The conversation that ensued was one of fun and friviloity. We talked of travel, both international and country-wide. I told them about my blog and my journey, along with my secret formula: the two keys to happiness. At that point, Ru (the redhead in the picture above) spontaneously hugged me, saying, “We must be sisters!” It was a moment of simplicity, outrageousness, and happiness all rolled into one. Something I’ll never forget. 

And it is with happiness in my heart that I invite you to take a virtual journey with me. Get out there and exercise/practice/experiment with these two keys. Then, come back and tell me all about it. Keep it simple. Be outrageous! I can’t wait to hear your stories.

Getting to Gone

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Six days to the grand departure. Open road, here I come! But first, I have to lighten my load, squeeze all my stuff down to what will fit in my Honda Element, the Thule roof top box, and the garages of a few trusted friends. And wow, I have to admit, it’s kicking my butt! There’s nothing like shedding all your worldly possessions to bring up damned near every emotion known to man. Allow me to elaborate… 

First there’s joy, pure unadulterated joy at following your passion! The joy found only inside the freedom of choosing what lights you up. No obligations, no expectations, no worries. The joy that I’ve experienced by sharing my upcoming trip and the unspoken permission it has given others to pursue their heart’s delight makes my soul sing with glee. 

But it is hasn’t been all fun and excitement. Anxiety was quick on the heels of joy, much to my chagrin. It struck me without warning, sneaking up and bopping me over the head like a metaphysical whack-a-mole mallet. It often stops me in my tracks and forces me to breathe deeply, remember my commitment, and wade through the feelings. And just as quickly as it comes over me, thankfully it subsides. 

I’d be remiss, however, if I didn’t mention the waves of sadness that come and go too. As excited as I am to begin anew, no journey starts without another coming to a close. Therefore, I’ve spent many hours with friends, lovers, and alone, shedding tears, saying good byes, and honoring what we’ve shared inside sacred moments, secrets only our hearts can contain. 

And with the multicolored mixture of joy, anxiety, and sadness, comes a huge up-welling of gratitude. I stand in awe of the community I’ve immersed myself in during the span of seven years. Paths I’ve been allowed to cross, co-creators I’ve collaborated with, bonds that will never be broken. I’ve experienced the heights of ecstasy and the low belly-crawl of despair, yet I would not trade a minute of anything. I give praise and thanks for every single drop Las Vegas has provided. Each moment has led up to today, perfectly orchestrated in my awakening, and for that I will be eternally grateful!

Are you on the brink of something big, too? What challenges are you facing? What emotions are welling up inside you, spilling over, and making life its lovely, messy splendor? 

If you’d like a hand from someone who has been there, I’m not only starting a journey of epic proportions, I’m rolling out a new business adventure as well. If you’d like to taste-test my Life Coaching skills, leave a comment below or drop me a line over at and I’ll shoot you all the juicy details!

Vegas Vegan

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Tonight I took a friend to dinner for a little birthday celebration and we ended up at the Burger Bar. For those of you who have been following my blog, you might be a little surprised. However, no one was more suprised than me — especially to find the Vegas Vegan burger on the menu!

I’m happy to announce, as of Wednesday, February 16th,  I made it successfully through the 21-day vegan challenge, eating raw the majority of the time. It has been one incredibly FUN journey to say the least. I have learned to make amazing green smoothies, create delicitable hummus, and blend divine chilled soups. I’m treading lighter on the planet, eating organic produce the majority of the time, and making new veggie-vixen friends. 

Give it to Me Raw!

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In that instant your inner Queen
wakes up to the holy “Wow, I’m worth it” truth.

– Kris Carr

On Wednesday, I began a 21-day raw vegan cleanse. I was inspired by a video I saw on Danielle LaPorte’s blog, the White Hot Truth.  In this fun and feisty interview, she talks to veggie vixen, Kris Carr, the award-winning documentary film producer of TLC’s Crazy Sexy Cancer and author of Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, Live Like You Mean It!  Immediately I was drawn to find out more about what this delightful woman was up to in the world. 

Never before has the notion of going on a restrictive diet, consisting of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains sounded so appealing. In that moment, I decided that I was going to create a game plan that would be nothing short of FUN! Instead of calling it a cleanse, it’s now a 21-day pleasure experiment, a crazy sexy game of sorts. And the most fun thing about it — I recruited my friend D to come along for the journey! 

In five days I’ve discovered some amazing things. In case you’re curious, here are just a few… 

1. Green Smoothies make for a terrific breakfast.
2. Cold soup. I know, sounds kooky, but it is yummyrific!
3. Blending the crap out of things is immensely fun.
4. Doing dishes in much easier when it doesn’t include pots and pans. 
5. Avocados, need I say more!?!
6. Steamed lentils from Trader Joe’s make me smile. 
7. I really can survive, quite happily, without sugar and caffeine. 

C’mon and join me in becoming a kick-ass wellness warrior, won’t you?