Redefining My Element

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What Do We Cling To?

One of my all time favorite stories is Illusions by Richard Bach. I re-read it every year as a birthday present to myself. It opens with a hand written story about a village of creatures who have spent their whole lives clinging. They cling tightly to the bottom of the river, never allowing themselves to go with the flow. Then one day, one of the creatures decides he is tired of clinging and let’s go. The others scold and admonish him, saying he will be killed. Dashed upon the rocks. Beat about. Never survive. But he lets go, and discovers he’s free. Tumbled about at first, he soon realizes it’s okay to let go and peacefully drifts down the river. Soon he floats by a new community of creatures who all look stunned as he floating along. They say he must be a savior…. They are mesmerized. Unaware, that they too, can set themselves free.

What a beautiful metaphor. Where are we clinging and where have we let go?

My Element

My vehicle for moving freely over these past two years has been my Honda Element. I put over 40k miles on her and she’s provided me shelter and comfort. She’s carried me safely, with no problems of any kind — save the new battery. I’ve slept inside her. Cried, laughed, and made love all with her comforting confines.

She has defined me: a woman unto herself, a freedom fighter, a nomad. I even named my business In Her Element Life Coaching.

I believe when we find our own place, defining our own terms, establishing boundaries and values that resonate with our soul, then we are in fact in our element.

I’ve spent time interviewing other women who have found their element.

And yet I have clung to this vehicle as a defining icon of who I am and what my business is all about.

Can I be In Her Element without the Honda Element?

Now that I find myself in Chicago, my vehicle has become more of a burden than a blessing. Chicago has steep fees for parking permits, auto insurance, and heaven forbid you get a ticket here. Major moolah!

I find that I feel most in my element and free to be me when I’m walking the city streets. My feet are connecting with the earth, I’m moving my body, I’m breathing in the sights and sounds of the city. It’s a sensual experience to find myself here, moving with the heartbeat of Chicago. I feel renewed. I feel at home.


One day, as I was walking to the library, it dawned on me — I can redefine My Element. It doesn’t have to be the car. It can be whatever I say. I certainly don’t coach women into purchasing a Honda Element. Hell, Honda doesn’t even make the Element any more. Interesting, for sure.

There’s a time that things fit and a time when we outgrow them. The jeans, the relationship, the job, the car.

We are free to shed that which no longer serves. Where are the items in your life a blessing? a burden?

What feelings do they evoke? Expansion. Lightness. Possibility. Or does it taste more like Obligation? Duty. Heaviness. Let these sensations guide you.

It’s when we listen and honor what is right for us that we are closest to being in our element. Honda or not.

40 Things I’ve Learned in 40k Miles

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Two years ago I left Las Vegas on a grand adventure. With little in mind, other than following my pleasure, I took to the highway with my dog, Roubidoux. We journeyed far and wide. Thirty-eight states in all. Today, I’m proud to call Chicago my home. It’s amazing what happens when you embrace the unknown. Here are just a few things I’ve learned along the journey.

1. Life get’s interesting between black and white.

2. Strangers are only strange for so long.

3. Everyone loves a celebration.

4. Most people are addicted to busy. Slowing down is an art form.

5. It’s okay to do what you want. You’ve got my permission, if you need it.

6. Cheekiness opens doors, literally and figuratively. Never hesitate to ask for the cute customer discount.

7. Getting lost is the best way to find yourself. You don’t need a strategic plan.

8. Boundaries create beauty.

9. Humans are constantly teaching and learning, whether they know it or not.

10. Whiskey is the water of life.

11. It’s easier to access your intuition when you go slow.

12. Research, research, research. Life is a grand experiment.

13. Going panty free makes roadside bathroom breaks much easier.

14. You can change anything: body, mind, spirit, emotions. I recommend 40 days.

15. Ask and it’s Given. Go ahead… Ask!

16. Unlikely combos have ALWAYS been my thing. Ketchup on oranges, anyone?

17. Core values and guiding principles are more important that maps.

18. If you wanna have more FUN, Simplify and Be Outrageous!

19. Opportunity is usually dressed as disaster. Be on the lookout!

20. You need more TLC: Tender Loving Care + Tiny Leaps of Courage.

21. Interviews are a fun way to learn about other people and yourself.

22. Life is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Get out of your own way.

23. Filling your cup first is the only way to express true generosity.

24. Receiving is a required piece of the abundance puzzle. Take as much you give.

25. Articulating your desires is the quickest way to have them fulfilled.

26. Dark chocolate with chili pepper — Yumm!

27. Women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Like flowers, all are beautiful.

28. Your wings can only grow as big as your roots dig deep. Don’t be afraid of the dark.

29. When things “don’t work out,” something better is usually in store. Practice patience.

30. Eradicating limitations is best done in baby steps.

31. It’s okay to say good bye. When things are a burden, rather than a blessing, it’s best to let go.

32. Pleasure requires discipline. Take pride.

33. Gratitude heals and creates miracles.

34. Social media is the best thing since sliced bread and provides ample opportunities to connect deeply, expand widely, and reach higher.

35. Libraries and coffee shops make great offices.

36. Everyone smiles in the same language.

37. Traveling solo allows you go be in the Grace of Goodness.

38. If the American Dream isn’t taking you where you wanna go, change course.

39. Your body contains rich wisdom. Move. Dance. Listen.

40. It all serves. Nothing is wasted. Life-Death-Life. Amen.

In Her Element Interviews, featuring Cora Poage

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I’m thrilled to add Cora Poage to the rich list of women whom I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Cora is a holistic health coach at and fellow Soul Sister.

Listen as Cora tells her captivating tale of finding her Element and shares her personal practices… 

Want to know more? Connect with Cora on Facebook.

In Her Element Interviews, featuring Helen Hunter Mackenzie

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Helen is the genius behind the Honeygirl Customer Attraction Method, and Strategic Marketing + Branding Coach at

I had the pleasure of asking her when she feels most In Her Element and how she helps other women find there’s. Listen in for all the sweet details…

Wanna know more? You can find Helen in all the regular places: 

and on the Internet.


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Spring has sprung and Easter is almost here! Everywhere you look there are bunny rabbits, jelly beans, and Awakenings.


                                                                    Source: viaAlly on Pinterest


What if this year, you created your own personal season of Lent?

A time to blossom + awaken yourself to a pleasure-filled life.


In 2009, during the 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday, I was audacious enough to create what I now refer to as K’ent — aka: Kerrie’s Lent. I set aside time for introspection. Time to slow down and start noticing my surroundings + my results. I began asking myself daily questions: If I believe X to be true, is that how I’m living my life? Can I take myself higher by focusing on my own needs, first? What if I was thankful for everything that showed up?


The results of that experiment lead to the most fabulous birthday celebrations I’ve ever experienced! People flew in from all over the country to help me ring in the new decade. And instead of wondering how I would ensure everyone else was having a good time (which I normally would have done), I focused on my pleasure. I articulated exactly what I wanted: Dinner at Rum Jungle, Drinks & Dancing at Eye Candy, a Spa day, plus a party at the tattoo parlor. Not only were my desires met, miraculously, the more fun I had, the better time everyone else had, too!


Fast forward to 2012. With 3 years of K’ent under my belt and 25K miles of solo-travel adventures + pleasure research logged, I knew I had to share this magical time frame and the lessons I’d learned. So, I launched the 40-Day Feel Good Challenge teleclass with an intimate group of woman. They took my strategies and put them to the test. Happily, they gained similar results.


Here’s an example from Elizabeth Vagianos of Hera Sports Media…



Now, it’s your turn! The Spring 2013, 40-Day Feel Good Challenge is open for enrollment. Just think, struggling could be a thing of the past. Awaken to the fullness + beauty of YOU… all in 40 days! Register, today.


Please note: After careful consideration, I chose to limit the class to 10 game-changing women. Why ten? I want to provide maximum intimacy and generate a cozy feeling. I want you to feel cradled in the comfort of sister-hood, as you begin to explore your divinity with all the gifts it contains. I want you to have permission + freedom to ask all your questions and have the resources to get them answered. I want these 40 days to change your life!