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Redefining My Element

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What Do We Cling To? One of my all time favorite stories is Illusions by Richard Bach. I re-read it every year as a birthday present to myself. It opens with a hand written story about a village of creatures who have spent their whole lives clinging. They cling tightly to the bottom of the river, never allowing themselves to go with the flow. Then one day, one of the creatures decides he is tired of clinging and let’s go. …

40 Things I’ve Learned in 40k Miles

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Two years ago I left Las Vegas on a grand adventure. With little in mind, other than following my pleasure, I took to the highway with my dog, Roubidoux. We journeyed far and wide. Thirty-eight states in all. Today, I’m proud to call Chicago my home. It’s amazing what happens when you embrace the unknown. Here are just a few things I’ve learned along the journey. 1. Life get’s interesting between black and white. 2. Strangers are only strange for …

In Her Element Interviews, featuring Cora Poage

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I’m thrilled to add Cora Poage to the rich list of women whom I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Cora is a holistic health coach at and fellow Soul Sister. Listen as Cora tells her captivating tale of finding her Element and shares her personal practices…  Want to know more? Connect with Cora on Facebook.

In Her Element Interviews, featuring Helen Hunter Mackenzie

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Helen is the genius behind the Honeygirl Customer Attraction Method, and Strategic Marketing + Branding Coach at I had the pleasure of asking her when she feels most In Her Element and how she helps other women find there’s. Listen in for all the sweet details… Wanna know more? You can find Helen in all the regular places:  Facebook, Twitter, and on the Internet.


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Spring has sprung and Easter is almost here! Everywhere you look there are bunny rabbits, jelly beans, and Awakenings.                                                                       Source: viaAlly on Pinterest   What if this year, you created your own personal season of Lent? A time to blossom + awaken yourself to …