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Hi, I’m Kerrie Blazek.


Think of me as your fairy godmother … on punk rock.

I’m all about pleasure, ease, and creating excuses for mini-celebrations. (‘Cause life is way better when you feel good. Obvious, but oddly difficult. Amiright??)

I’ve taught middle-school kids science (talk about the importance of fun!). I’ve traveled the country for a year, living out of my car (helloooo magical memoirs!). I’ve hunkered down, dug deep, let go, and redefined myself countless times. (School of hard knocks? I’ve got a Ph.D.!)

Along the way, I discovered a hefty bunch about happiness. What it is, what it isn’t  and how to feel more of it — even on those crappy days we all have.

Miss Dyana Valentine calls my superpower: “TLC on Acid.” Radical gratitude? Very necessary. Psychedelics? Mmm, not so much.

Everywhere I go, I leave people brighter, shinier, and happier. It’s a gift, an art, and a pretty fantastic way to roll.

A long time ago, in a mindset far, far away…

I woke up one day and realized:

  1. I’ll never be a Type A hustler (and don’t wanna be, thankyouverymuch!)
  2. I want to feel good more often than I feel bad (shocker!)
  3. I want to be purely, ease-fully MYSELF, wherever I am.

It was time to turn down the suck factor on my life, hit the road, and find myself.

So I quit my 80K per year job (with bennies), sold my condo, wrapped up a relationship, and embarked on a round-the-nation road trip — for twenty three months.  Transformative doesn’t even begin to cover it.

These days, I share the lessons I’ve learned. Mostly, I teach women how to get shit done while having fun — all with a splash of spiritual cheekiness.

But don’t be fooled: I’m a straight-shooter, and won’t let you talk yourself out of an ounce of goodness.

If I distilled my life into two, 90-proof shots o’ wisdom, they’d be: 

1. Keep it simple.
2. Be outrageous!

I’m a little bit country, a little bit rock’n’roll…

Multifaceted, much? I’m a hodgepodge of glamour and granola, spiritual and salty. My style’s somewhere between Hello Kitty + Deadhead + PinUp Girl. Ever feel like you’re too much for one pigeonhole? We’ll get along just fine!

Everything changed when…

I polished my pleasure-seeking skills at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, with monthly trips to NYC, feather boa shopping trips, and the kind of sister-goddess connection to a group of incredible woman that can only occur when you’ve seen each other weep. Tears of joy. In your panties.

I don’t talk about it much, but…

I survived clinical depression — even after watching my dad sink deeper into profound instability, and take his own life.

If you asked me to sum up my life philosophy in a single sentence…

I’d have to bogart a quote from Desiderata:

“…whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

I’m kinda obsessed with…

Jameson Irish whiskey. Spontaneous celebrations. Custom-embossed journals. Snail mail surprises. My trusty Honda Element. Rich convos with strangers. Starry-eyed smiles. The Grateful Dead.

I play nicely with…

Renegades. Desperados. Bootstrappin’ beauties. Women who’ve faced the question “is this all there is? and struck back with a resounding “hell NO!” 

These days, you can find me...

Coaching women towards lives of pleasure, meaning + deep, dark, cacao confidence + satisfaction.

Have a question?

Drop me a line. I’ll write ya back.