Sister Goddess Sunday: Sexy 6Es Edition

Salutations my sexy sister —

Sexy, yes that’s right. I love your personal style and how it delicously overlaps with mine.

Owning your beauty is such a admirable aspiration and I’m inspired by your enthusiasm.

I love how you took the keys and ran with ’em.

They say don’t run with scissors, but I’m happy to see you running with your keys!

Rock whatcha got, girl — all day, everyday!


Your Sis

Sister Goddess Sunday is an ongoing series of love letters. They are written to express love, gratitude, excitement, and compassion for the women in my life — real, imaginary, living or dead. My desire is for all women to feel uplifted, understood, and appreciated. You can look forward to each letter knowing that the words pouring forth are intended to reach your heart. I hope you will share these juicy gems with the women in your life. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll know which ones I wrote especially for you!

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