You Ready?

Ready to live
2012 with the lid off? I have a feeling, you are! 

photo by Karen Christensen, The Legacy Boutique

What if the New Year was all about ease and grace? What if this was the year you moved from being another cog in the wheel, to going off the beaten path? What if everything changed because YOU decided you wanted more? More fun. More freedom. More outta life.

Last year, I only made one resolution: Have fun, everyday!

Little did I know, it would change everything. I have to admit, I started off a little shaky, because fun in NO JOKE! When I decided that fun
was my top priority, I admittedly had some fear. I feared I would be less productive, less esteemed, less admired – but, boy was I wrong! 

With a commitment to FUN, my automated thoughts about working harder went out the window. My productivity soared. People wanted to hang out with me more often. Problems seemed to practically solve themselves. No longer fearing what others thought, I was finally able to place myself as the top priority in my life. I decided that the most important thing in life is to feel good as often as possible, and fun became my go-to

Here are some ways I used fun to turn things around. Give it a shot…

Date cancels at the last minute? Don’t be cranky. Send a flirtatious text in reply saying how
much you wish they were there snuggling you, because now you’re going to have
to hit up the dog/cat for cuddle time. 

Kids driving you crazy? Pull out your iPod or tune into Pandora and take a mini-dance break! Get
everyone involved in having a good time. 

Co-chairing a conference for the first time? Don’t take yourself too seriously. Instead buy goofy name
tags, like: Queen Bee, Head Cheese, and Runs with Scissors, for the entire conference committee to keep the mood light. 

Personal trainer driving you to the edge of your limits? Hell, isn’t that what you paid them for? Best
make it a good time — laugh, celebrate high-five your way through every workout. 

Barista taking forever to make your drink? Instead of snapping, blow ’em away with an unexpected
compliment, ” Hey, anybody every tell you — you’ve got a killer smile?” You’ll both feel better for it!

If this former over-analyst, think-myself-into-a-corner-kinda girl can do it, I know it’s possible for you, too!

Here’s hoping the New Year brings you every good thing and them some! 

PS: If you’re committed to having more fun in 2012 and really wanna blow the lid off your New Year, I’ve got a few openings left for my Month of Elemental Pleasure coaching packages. Just drop me a line ( and we’ll get this party started.
Like now! 
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