Sister Goddess Sunday: Happy Birthday

Today’s Sister Goddess Sunday is dedicated to my Grandma B,
Helen Blazek. 

(November 17, 1919 – August 20, 2001)

Happy Birthday, Gramma!

Oh wow, how I miss you – your loving smile, hugs &
kisses, and Bundt cakes.

I remember, so fondly, the sweet sound of your “Yoo-hoo!”

Sewing lessons. Ironing handkerchiefs. Endless games of Canasta.

Late night pillow-talk. Fruit flavored TUMS. Needle point.

Grapes pulled off the stem. The Carol Burnett Show. Miss
America Pageants.

Rockin’ Robbin. Living room forts. Crying in your arms.

Cook books, cook books, and more cook books. 

And, the
no-recipe-needed Potato Salad to-die-for! 

Cabbage Patch Dolls. Pigs full of popcorn. Jelly Bellies.

Little tiny gnomes. Baskets full of Christmas cards. Bundles
of photographs. .

Apricot jam. Pickled beets. Bohemian Horns.

Love notes with 5-dollar bills for my laundry.

Lighting candles.

So many good times are etched in my brain and live in my

Thanks for shaping me, molding me, and inspiring me.

Your love knows no limits, no bounds, therefore, my love

Thanks be to God for YOU!

~ Kerrie

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