Sister Goddess Sunday – A Love Letter to my Sisters

Hello dear heart,

I see you, and I’m holding you affectionately as you navigate the dark seas of life. Regardless of present circumstances, you are not lost. I have not forgotten you. Although the light may seem dim at times, it still shines from my heart to yours.

Just remember, it’s okay to float from time to time. You don’t have to fight the current. Nor push so hard. You could just choose to surrender in this moment.

I won’t love you any less.

Your Sis

Sister Goddess Sunday is an ongoing series of love letters. They are written to express love, gratitude, excitement, and compassion for the women in my life — real, imaginary, living or dead. My desire is for all women to feel uplifted, understood, and appreciated. You can look forward to each letter knowing that the words pouring forth are intended to reach your heart. I hope you will share these juicy gems with the women in your life. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll know which ones I wrote especially for you! 

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