40 Days & 40 Nights: Life on the Road, Part 1

Yesterday marked my 40th night on the road. And as you probably know, I kinda have a thing for 40 day time frames. Typically I’m counting down. This time, it’s a retrospective.

Forty pictures. Forty tid-bits. My own Top 40, if you will. Well, at least, so far…

Some Bonds Can Never Be Broken
Saying Good Bye… for now

Last Room at the Inn
Love my Luck!

Arches National Park
Wide Open Spaces

Grand Junction Street Fest
Gotta love the Slow Jam

Forget Pink…
Little Blue Houses for You and Me
Thanks for the Hospitality!

Roosters… Why Wait til Morning?
Get Your Crow On!

Wine & Veggies
Perfecta… for sure

Self Portrait
Self Love!

You are on my Wish List

Triple Spiral…
Triple Goddess

I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends

More Veggie Goodness

You Know It’s Gonna Be A Good Day

Sunshine for Breakfast… mmmm!

Some Times Plans Change…
Need I Say More?

Devil’s Tower by Twilight
Sacred Ground

In My Element…
Horse Thief Lake, South Dakota

Just Hanging with the Guys

Camping Goddess Style

Yet another Unexpected Side Trip
Carrington, ND

Stayed tuned for Part 2…

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