Permission to Slow Down

Today I woke up, made the bed, poured a cup of coffee, grabbed a couple cookies for my breakfast and headed outside. Roubidoux needed to make her morning piddle, so I decided to join her in the back yard. The weather has been just gorgeous – highs in the 90s, evening lows in the upper 60s. Haven’t had the air conditioning on since I arrived in Denver.

As I’m sitting in the chaise lounge sipping my cuppa joe, savoring the delectable double-chocolate-cherry-walnut cookies I whipped up last night, my thoughts turn to all the things I’d like to get done today. I start mentally ticking off everything I need to buy at the store: containers for the Element, screening for B’s back door, paint for my new sleeping platform. Oh yeah, what kind of paint do I need? Then my mind drifts to the YouTube videos we watched for constructing the platform. Should I go back and watch those again?  “Oh wow,” I sigh aloud. Then I remember, relax.

I take another sip of coffee and pull my arms out from under the straps of my night gown so as not to leave a tan line. I sit back, close my eyes and absorb the sun’s magnificent rays. I breathe deeply and begin to ground myself, hearing the words in my mind: Connect  with the center of the earth. Bring yourself down, down, down. Down into the richness of the earth. Down where the rubies, diamonds, and emeralds are manufactured. Connect with Mother Earth.

My mind’s chatter begins to slow…

But like a restless child just put down for a nap, up my mind pops with more questions. What about your new website? What about those newsletters? How are you going to make it out there on the road? Better hurry, girl. Better think of ways to make money!  Yet I’m still able to approach myself with compassion. As I would with the little girl who doesn’t quite yet want to fall asleep, I gently say to myself, “Shh, relax, drift off, let go.”

So I move into the second part of my meditation: Let yourself connect with the luminescent white light of the universe. Shift your conscious up, up, up. Up through the atmosphere, up through our solar system, up past the planets to the black velvet of space. Connect to the white light that is you. Roll your eyes up behind your closed lids, up the beam of light and connect.

Now my breathing has calmed. I’m focused on nothing but my relaxed state and the sensation of the warm sun on my skin. It is here I realize, even if I never got up off this chaise lounge, just showing up this morning in my night gown, coffee in hand, with a couple cookies – I am enough.  I can slow down. There is nothing else I HAVE to do, just be Kerrie.

So for today, just be you. 

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