One Year Later…

Today marks the one year anniversary of Reflecting Goodness. Hard to believe how much can transpire in one year’s time. Last year, I was inspired by Patti Digh to launch my ideas into the blogosphere. I’d been sitting on journal entries for awhile, dilly-dallying over what to name the blog and how I should get started. As Patti and I sat over a cup of coffee, she encouraged me to simply begin where I was. As she often says, put down your clever and pick up your ordinary — so I did. 

I began writing once a week, talking about ideas that were fresh on my mind and heart. Sometimes I would pull ideas from my trusty side-kick, my ever present journal. Other times, I’d compose fresh at the computer. However, just like when I was teaching middle school science, my goals were simple: connect, make meaning, and uplift people. Hopefully leaving everyone a little brighter and shinier in the end. 

I did not foresee the places my writing would take me, nor the people I would connect with. It has been as much a gift for my readers, as it has been for myself. Writing has opened me in ways I would have never imagined. It has encouraged me to think deeper, linger longer, and share more freely. I’m more willing to express my opinions and stand transparently in front of others — whether it be online or in person.  

Through my surrendering and openness, I’m willing to take bigger risks and set my sights higher. And although I cannot say writing my blog is completely responsible for the decision to embark on my current road trip, I can’t help but think it may have been the catalyst. Of course, it’s always interesting to me to look back at the trail of bread crumbs leading up a big decision. Perhaps it was the joking way I always used to say, “Oh yeah, I could always live in my Honda Element.” Or maybe the driving force behind my decision was succumbing to the financial fiasco of the short selling the condo. Who knows, it could have all been Mama Gena’s instigation to follow my pleasure. Regardless of the root cause, I’m thrilled my life has lead me to the open road. 

The Great Goddess Adventure Begins
Arches National Park – July 7, 2011

I hope you’ll continue following me for the next year, decade, or century. Well, I probably won’t be around THAT long, but I would be honored to have you along for the ride however long it lasts. Perhaps our paths will cross face-to-face this year as I journey far and wide across the country. Regardless, I simply want to thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to peer into my world and reflect goodness by shining your light on me. Namaste and all of God’s blessing on you… 

PS: If you’d like me to include your hometown in my journey, please let me know in the comments below.
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