Getting to Gone

Six days to the grand departure. Open road, here I come! But first, I have to lighten my load, squeeze all my stuff down to what will fit in my Honda Element, the Thule roof top box, and the garages of a few trusted friends. And wow, I have to admit, it’s kicking my butt! There’s nothing like shedding all your worldly possessions to bring up damned near every emotion known to man. Allow me to elaborate… 

First there’s joy, pure unadulterated joy at following your passion! The joy found only inside the freedom of choosing what lights you up. No obligations, no expectations, no worries. The joy that I’ve experienced by sharing my upcoming trip and the unspoken permission it has given others to pursue their heart’s delight makes my soul sing with glee. 

But it is hasn’t been all fun and excitement. Anxiety was quick on the heels of joy, much to my chagrin. It struck me without warning, sneaking up and bopping me over the head like a metaphysical whack-a-mole mallet. It often stops me in my tracks and forces me to breathe deeply, remember my commitment, and wade through the feelings. And just as quickly as it comes over me, thankfully it subsides. 

I’d be remiss, however, if I didn’t mention the waves of sadness that come and go too. As excited as I am to begin anew, no journey starts without another coming to a close. Therefore, I’ve spent many hours with friends, lovers, and alone, shedding tears, saying good byes, and honoring what we’ve shared inside sacred moments, secrets only our hearts can contain. 

And with the multicolored mixture of joy, anxiety, and sadness, comes a huge up-welling of gratitude. I stand in awe of the community I’ve immersed myself in during the span of seven years. Paths I’ve been allowed to cross, co-creators I’ve collaborated with, bonds that will never be broken. I’ve experienced the heights of ecstasy and the low belly-crawl of despair, yet I would not trade a minute of anything. I give praise and thanks for every single drop Las Vegas has provided. Each moment has led up to today, perfectly orchestrated in my awakening, and for that I will be eternally grateful!

Are you on the brink of something big, too? What challenges are you facing? What emotions are welling up inside you, spilling over, and making life its lovely, messy splendor? 

If you’d like a hand from someone who has been there, I’m not only starting a journey of epic proportions, I’m rolling out a new business adventure as well. If you’d like to taste-test my Life Coaching skills, leave a comment below or drop me a line over at and I’ll shoot you all the juicy details!
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