The Love Affair Continues

I arise before the dawn and come to you.
Your firm flesh yielding.  Juices dripping.
Supple and young, I prefer you in your raw natural state.
And after 11 days, I still can’t get enough! 

Yes, I am in love with my green smoothies – or as my friend, D, says – smoothy, like groovy.  My creativity has been awaked on this 21-day Crazy Sexy Diet. I feel like an artist on the verge of a masterpiece each morning. My pallet is composed of organic vegetables in the mostly lovely shades of green, along with splashes of vibrant colors from a selection of organic fruit.  The blender, my preferred medium. 

But wait, not only am I having crazy-sexy-fun with my morning smoothie, lunch is a whole ‘nother romp in the hay – or greens, if you prefer!  I’m romancing steamed lentils lain seductively on a bed of baby spinach, accompanied by diced onion, fresh cilantro, and extra virgin olive oil.  Some days it’s soup that makes me hot and spicy, even when served cold.  My favorite to date has been a divine version of gazpacho with plenty of jalapenos!

Lest dinner disappoint, I’ve entertained my evenings with spaghetti squash drizzled with flax oil, garlic, and cinnamon.  On other nights, I’ve invited quinoa with English cucumber, Roma tomatoes, red onion, diced parsley, and lemon juice served abed of red romaine lettuce to join me at the dinner table.

It may all sound oddly strange, but I’ve turned this cleanse into a love affair like no other. I’m taking my pleasure from fruits and veggies these days, and I may never look back!

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