Kerrie Blazek | In Her Element


What if this thing called life — y’know the one, with the taxes and mortgages and break-ups and lay-offs and illness and rocky shifts and unpleasant surprises — could still be a CELEBRATION? Like, every single day? With cupcakes + candles + road trips + rock ballads + puppies + brown paper packages tied up with string? And more than a few of your favorite things?

What if you re-designed your home, your career + your relationship with yourself (and everyone else that matters) with PLEASURE as the driving force? And the only “TA DA!” on your To Do list?

What if you shifted — permanently + powerfully — from “why me?” to “why not?”

I’m here to wave my sparkly wand and help you DIY the crazy-good life you’ve been dreaming of.  (Think of me as your fairy godmother … on punk rock.)

Lemme tell ya, success is 100% an inside job.  You can have an exquisitely good time, everyday.  (Yes, even the crappy ones.)  You can savor life.  You can be spiritual and practical. You can change EVERYTHING.

Everything I teach is literally road-tested.  I’ve distilled all my experiences into into high-quality, better-than-bourbon, shots o’ coaching love.

Got questions? Toss on your boa and get into my inbox.

Let’s get the journey of your lifetime out of the starting gates, and onto the open road.